jenna the tarot doula

 my own fool’s leap.

in 2013, i became a doula. i witnessed parents and their babies being born. i felt like i stumbled upon some real life magic. without a doubt, it was my calling.

but stories are not linear and “callings” may or may not end up the way we imagine. mine has certainly shifted. i’ve come to learn that everyone, not just pregnant people, could use a doula from time to time. we all experience transformation in small ways every day. and i’m interested in supporting people through those small moments, too.

so. the tarot. i had zero experience with it before january 2018. but it has quickly become my most trusted tool when i’m in need of being doula-ed. i read and practice the tarot a little differently than you might expect, though lots of people practice this way. these cards in my hands aren’t gonna predict the future. i get them out when i need to touch back in with truth, with my gut, with my human-ness. they help anchor me to my own inner voice and compass. just like a good doula should.

the daily practice of checking in with myself and my deck has helped me, and now i’m interested in sharing this tool. i’m interested in seeing how these cards show up for people. it’s a simple offering. it’s not about my expertise (ha) or the amazing advice i might give (haha). it’s about making a space for humans to reconnect with their intuition. i’m making this space for you.


more about me.

jenna anderson. she/ her. mom. 30-something. cancer sun, taurus moon, aries rising. infj. ravenclaw. coffee lover. cat person. sensitive. social anxiety haver. postpartum depression survivor. homebody. politically progressive. agnostic, but with a solid dose of imagination. 

my resources. 

i primarily work with the mesquite tarot. inanimate object, yes… but this deck and i connect. they speak my language. i talk about them like they’re a friend. a beautiful, gentle, high vibe, non-human friend.

i took the tarot for the wild soul course offering from lindsay mack in the fall of 2018. before that i completely gobbled up every free word she offered on her instagram and podcast. i truly cannot say enough about her style and teachings.

while i’ve learned a lot about both traditional interpretations, as well as lindsay’s view of the cards, my interpretations come from how they have shown up for me in my real life. their meanings are always evolving, and i am perpetually learning.