jenna the tarot doula

how this works.

give yourself a moment to sit down, breathe slowly, and answer a few of my questions below. consider this the beginning of your reading. what you share sets the tone. it will make all the difference if you take this time and space to check in and notice yourself. for your own sake.

you don’t have to bare your soul to me here, or you can. i’ll take whatever you want to dish. you can trust that what you do share will remain between us. you have my deepest respect and gratitude for offering it.

i do my readings via email because we’re busy people and all do our best work at different times. this allows for some flexibility. i think a good reading comes when we’re both allowed to quiet our minds and listen to our intuition. take your time. i’ll take my time.

the cards and i are here to meet you exactly where you are.


what it costs.

$15 for a two-card mini reading. $35 for a standard reading.

$75 for a year-ahead reading (great for birthdays, the new year, or other milestones).

-payment methods-

Cash App: $JennaTheDoula Venmo: @JennaTheDoula

Chase Quickpay: cash or bartering!

so then, just a few questions. 

i'm jenna. she/ her. :)
where would you like to receive your reading?
check in with your thoughts, your feelings, and your body. what's going on for you right now? where is your energy going? where would you like it to go?
what questions do you have for the cards? are you looking for clarity? motivation? emotional support? grounding? how can i doula you? how can i hold space for you?
i'm no astrologer, but astrology deeply informs my interpretations of the cards. think of this as an added layer. if you're interested, i'll need your + birth date + the time you were born + the city of town where you were born.